3 best options for a first paragraph

Have you ever thought about why many users do not read your articles? It's all because of the first paragraph of the text. These few suggestions may interest the reader or make him irritably close the tab. What is the secret of the first paragraph? How to successfully start an article and what not to do? Read below.

What you need to remember, before writing an introductory paragraph

The first task of a copywriter is to cause interest in the reader with the help of the title and first lines of the article. If the reader is not interested in the heading, he will not get to read the lead paragraph.

There are things that make a lead uninteresting. When writing the first paragraph, avoid the following:

  • commonplace clichés: “Currently modern technologies”, “Sport is life”;
  • obvious things: "Women are different from men";
  • several line-long sentences;
  • subordinate clauses: they complicate the perception of the text;
  • a lot of numbers;
  • quotes in the first paragraph: the reader, not knowing the content of the material, may not understand the course of your thoughts.
  • large volume: lead should not take more than 15 lines. A long reading of the first paragraph will tire the reader, as a result, he will definitely not want to study the material to the end.

To understand whether you have made the lead correctly, offer it to be read by your friends. Re-read the text yourself and remove unnecessary information that is not interesting to readers.

How to write a lead: the most effective methods

Method 1: “Inverted Pyramid”

Within this method, the material is presented as follows: important information is placed in the first paragraph, and the following text serves as a transcript for the main information. The author should answer the following questions as soon as possible:

  • What exactly happened?
  • When did it happen?
  • Where did the event happen?
  • Who did it happen to?
  • Why did this happen?

Answers to the above questions should already be in the first paragraph.

Method 2: Slippery Slide

With this technique, the paragraph begins with a concise phrase, followed by an interesting story with emotions. Each following phrase does not reveal the riddle, but intrigues the reader, prompts him to further acquaintance with the text. Interest should increase from one sentence to another.

For example: selling goods is not easy. Especially in the area where your competitors spend thousands of dollars on an advertising campaign. Nevertheless, if you do not follow the behavior of the majority, but think well, it is quite possible to become a leader. Here's how to do it.

After the third intriguing sentence, the reader will want to explore the information further.

Method 3: use questions

They are effective because readers at the subconscious level give answers to them, and this involves the study of the text. Well, if such questions are intriguing.


- Do you want to live a good life with passive income?

- How much time do you need to take a bath?

Use this method with caution. Some copywriters like to use a lot of rhetorical questions in the text: “Don't you have a scooter yet? You can not choose a suitable model? ". This is an example of an uninteresting and uninformative beginning.

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