How to Plan an Essay

Today we’re going to talk about how to plan an essay and we’ve got a simple question here and we’re going to use this simple question to try to understand the way to go about planning your essay. What we’re talking about today is looking at these three different ideas, first of all you’re going to analyze a question, we’re going to brainstorm and once we’ve brainstormed, we’re going to choose some of the best ideas to find our research terms.

Let’s have a look at the question:

In recent years it has become increasingly common for people to use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers in many aspects of their lives.

We could say that’s kind of the background here we’ve got now the question according to your research:

What are the benefits of using mobile devices such as these?

Clearly I can see this is a this is actually the question so I’m going to really focus on this part and I’m going to get benefits is what it’s all about, benefits of using mobile devices. That’s really important I don’t want to talk about other aspects of the history or disadvantages or anything.

I’m just looking at the benefits okay so and we’ve got a couple of other words here that we might use: Oh smartphones it gives us a bit of a feeling of what sort of devices we’re talking about, tablet computers - okay so now that I’ve got my some of my words some of my keywords identified, I can start to do this first step, analyze a question. I’m going to start thinking about benefits.

First benefit, I’m probably going to have second benefit and third benefit as part of my essay plan. Of course I’m going to have an intro and every good essay should have a conclusion as well, so I’m looking for three benefits of mobile devices.

If I start my brainstorming I’m actually going to use a mind map for this brainstorming. What I’m going to do? I’m going to put in the middle here, save benefits mobile devices and I might just put a little circle around that to show that’s the main part of what we’re talking about what’s the first benefit. When I think about it I might think okay portability they’re very portable it easy to carry around.

For example, what are some ideas there well lightweight? You might say it’s that convenient and you could also say when it’s portable you can multitask. So multitasking becomes one of the benefits so this is the key benefit there. Let’s think about another benefit well I think about it and well of course mobile phones these days have fantastic features. What type of features are we talking about? All sorts of apps we can use, we can find up-to-date news and of course communication is another benefit of a mobile device. What else we talking about? Again focusing on this word well price is a benefit okay so we can say that cheaper than computers okay maybe there’s a free Wi-Fi some places and because there’s many competitors in the market, there’s many different devices available. You might find that the prices for so there we go just in a few minutes. I’ve come up with a pretty neat little structure which will help me to research my essay I’m finding these benefits of portability that might be the first body paragraph, second body paragraph features and third body paragraph.

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