How to Write an Essay Writing Test

We’re going to look at how to write an essay when your teacher has an in-class writing test so we first we look at the writing question or the writing prompt: What are some healthy eating habits you used to have in your country? That’s the question we’re going to answer, so here’s the essay and the title is «healthy eating habits» the student’s name is Shalu so you can see the student’s name. First then you want to write the date the next is the professor’s name and then put a name to this test it’s called the writing test and in my class.

essay writing

I want you to put this in the upper right hand corner of your paper also I want you to notice when you write your essays, please write on eight-and-a-half by 11 paper, this is what we call college ruled paper. It has a red margin line on the left and then the red margin line shows through from the back side over here, so we have two margin lines.

Please put your student name, the date, the professor’s name and then writing test right here we have what we call the title of our essay. The title is in the middle of this paper it’s on the top line you see the top line right there it’s on the top line and the title is healthy eating habits now we’re starting a new paragraph. When we start a new paragraph you want to indent five spaces, it’s about one inch and in English we say indent D and T that’s the indent for the paragraph.

Right now when you write the first sentence you go approximately to the next margin. I see that red line right there it goes all the way down the paper. That red line and you want to write toward or near that red line or that margins all right on here this is called a margin it’s right there that red line. In my country China I had many healthy eating habits period so notice what happened here I indented my first sentence in my country China I had many healthy eating habits this sentence I wrap around so in English we say wrap the sentence okay wrapping the sentence means you right up until that right-hand margin then you go back to the left margin right here so we have a left margin call this our left margin and then we start on we continue the sentence here and then we have a period now notice our second sentence first of all. I used to buy groceries what happens here we wrap the sentence near the right hand margin the red line and then we come back to the left margin and we start again.

Now there’s one other thing to notice about this writing test we are skipping a line, all right we call it skip a line. We write on this line here but then we skip a line we write on this line and then we skip this line so in English we say skip a line. Why do we ask our students to skip a line we ask our students to skip a line so if we need to make any comments or check for spelling or make a notation.

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