How to Write an Essay

essay writing

Today I want to talk to you about writing an essay. Let’s write an example essay one that’s very simple and let’s try to do it really fast just in ten minutes.

First when you write an essay - you have a topic, maybe the teacher gives you a topic, here’s an example: Which country do you most want to visit and why? Where do you want to go, which country do you want to visit and first we need to brainstorm - means you think of ideas just any idea that pops into your head we could choose Japan, we could choose England, we could choose Spain, China, France we could choose Brazil, Australia -  any place you know. If we talk about Japan we can see lots of things, England - we have Big Ben we can see a bullfight in Spain, you know lots of choices. I think I want to go with France, let’s choose France. Brainstorming finished.

Next we need an outline. An outline is your plan of what you’re going to write, of course I’m going to start with an introduction. I’ll open with some general comments about travelling and then I will end my introduction with a thesis. The thesis is the last sentence of your introduction, it says the main idea of the whole essay. My thesis will be: I want to visit France okay and I want to visit France because of the food, maybe the art and architecture is the design or style of the buildings. Also we’re going to need a body. The body is where you explain and give examples and of course first I will talk about food and then I will talk about art and then I will talk about architecture. You could add more detail to this if you want. For example food, we might talk about you could say things like escargot, that’s like snails or we could talk about frog legs art, we could talk about things like maybe the Venus de Milo or the like Mona Lisa, you know the Mona Lisa so you can add more details here. Architecture maybe something like no tread, it’s a famous church or something like maybe the Arc de Triomphe and last just real feminie, we need to check on that you know. I don’t speak French so I’m not sure also the of course the Eiffel Tower right the most famous building and then at the very end we’re gonna write a conclusion and we’ll just give some final thoughts and you know a feeling of closure.

Let’s go ahead and do this I want to do it really quickly like under 10 minutes. Let’s remember this plan, remember this outline, let’s start writing and let’s not take a long time, let’s do this fast.

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