Paraphrasing And Plagiarism

You know by now that I have the article and here it is and this is Abrahamson page 236 this is also Abrahamson page 236 he threw an extra another source in there throw me off the track there is nobody named Fisher who has a page 94 that writes about the greenhouse effect in the English language and it does not appear translated from German so when I talk to him about it he’s like I just so we learned a couple of things from him 1 choose a topic that will be within your abilities to understand the material ok if you choose a topic that has sources that are beyond your abilities try to find a way of reframing it now if he had come to me I would have said you know what nobody understands this and if none of us understand that why you can say it in a paper right you could quote it you gonna put it in quotation marks and it would’ve been okay.

I would say probably the better approach would be to say something like the way the greenhouse effect curves is complicated many scientists discuss it one scientist describes it this way what this means is and then try to put it in layman’s terms right quote this them written layman’s terms but even better I would reframe the entire topic how about we talk about paper versus plastic reusable cups versus styrofoam recycling let’s get this into household language instead of chemistry language and then you don’t have to write this stuff right so then you don’t even have to write it if he had company and said I don’t know if this in my own words I said I don’t either let’s find another way to approach the topic right so again what we learn from him is if you don’t have to tackle the most technical and difficult to comprehend aspects of your topic you can quote those if you think they’re necessary if you want to say the scientists described it this way : quotation marks that makes sense to a reader good for you.

What I believe this means is and then trying to put it in layman’s terms so that you’re kind of educating your reader that would be a lot better here’s a more cut and paste version of it stem-cell research I have put in quotation marks the sections that were too close for comfort so embryonic stem cells show promise to play a major role in the regeneration of human organs that have been damaged by either disease or trauma the original human embryonic stem cells have caused a great deal of excitement to the premise because of the potential role in the regeneration of organs in the human body he had damage by either disease or trauma right and a lot of students have learned that’s how you paraphrase you change you change two or three words into a synonym or the add word.